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Weight Watchers Simple Start

Nail your first two weeks with Simple Start.

All you do is eat from a list of foods that you can find in any grocery story (we call them Power Foods.) We give you lots of delicious meal ideas or you can make your own. It's so uncomplicated it's almost unbelievable.

When we say simple, we mean it.

You don't have to worry about portions, measuring or math of any kind. This is our simplest plan ever.

After your Simple Start, our Plan will keep you going.

After two weeks, you'll be ready for everything else Weight Watchers has to offer. You'll learn to make smart choices, so you'll have the freedom to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.

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Weight Watchers Online

Follow the Plan entirely online with digital tools, mobile apps, Cheat Sheets, a restaurant finder and more.

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† Digital tools and apps available only with Weight Watchers Online or eTools subscription. Apps available for iOS and Android devices.